Enhanced DSpace platform 

Open Repository is an enhanced DSpace platform, a web based repository system backed by a extensive community which ensures the continuous evolution of the platform. Atmire extended the DSpace platform with powerful tools for users and administrators

The best of DSpace
Open Repository offers all of DSpace’s benefits, including easy content discovery, submissions, workflows, responsive user interface and full text search.
And much more
Your users and administrators can do a range of things through the user interface that are not available in DSpace by default, including instant modification of the submission forms and metadata profiles, batch uploading of files and metadata, creation of author profiles and easily export search & browse results.
“Open Repository was the most user-friendly service, with very good customization options whilst maintaining a clean & simple interface. The swift set up time and the fact that it is entirely web based meaning that software does not have to be locally installed, meant that Open Repository was the obvious choice for our organization.”
— Aoife Lawton, Systems Librarian,  Irish Health Services Executive (HSE)
You’re in charge
As a repository administrator you can easily manage your repository through the web user interface. Here are a few things you can do:
Access management: Decide which content is Open Access, and which is restricted. Choose on a granular level which users have access rights to which content.
Metadata schemas: Choose which metadata schema to use, add new schemas or edit them by adding, removing or modifying metadata fields.
Submission forms: Manage the submission forms people use to upload content. Decide which metadata fields are mandatory and which are optional.
Submission workflow: Decide whether or not to use a submission workflow and choose which review steps to include.
Collections structure: Organize your content in a structure of collections and communities that fits your needs.
Adding content with minimal effort
When metadata for your publications is already available online, Open Repository integrates  with PubMed, Scopus and Crossref to automatically populate metadata fields upon submission. Where available, Open Access policy information is imported as well, so you can upload files with the right applicable embargo without hours of verification.
Single sign-on
Allow your users to use existing institutional logins and passwords. Open Repository can integrate with various single sign on systems such as LDAP and Shibboleth.
Usage statistics
Open Repository integrates with Google Analytics to present statistics about the repository usage. Keep track of how many visits and downloads your repository gets. See from where traffic is coming from on a map.
The platform also integrates with Altmetric to show a graphical representation of references to your content on social media and blogs.
Citation exports
Want to export a reference? Use one of the reference exporters to get your reference in RefMan, EndNote, BibTex or RefWorks.
Social media
Share content over social media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn by using the integrated social media buttons.
Author profiles
Create author profiles for your scholars, linked to publications in the repository. Each author profile can be associated with different name variants for the person, in order to have a full biography.