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Repository software including hosting and support for institutions of any size

What we do

We’ll set you up with a repository that’s ready to go, based on DSpace Open Source. All you need to do is focus on your content and users.

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 Repository Software 

Enhanced DSpace platform. We added a range of powerful features for visitors and admins.

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Test, production, standby & backup infrastructure. All hosted on fast and reliable cloud servers.

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 Services & Support

Repository setup, technical maintenance and support: the help of our global team is just a click away.

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“We chose Open Repository because we were looking for a hosted service to help us get started. We wanted to move forward with the repository services but did not have the technological infrastructure needed locally to support DSpace ourselves. Contracting our hosting services with Open Repository allowed us to get started and focus on working with our customer base immediately.”
— Kimberly Chapman, Library Campus Manager, University of Arizona

Some of our clients ...

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What is Open Repository?

Open Repository is conceived as a solution for any institution that does not have the staff or technical resources to run a state of the art repository. Accelerating scientific progress through Open Access to scientific publications and addressing digital preservation needs for digital assets are just two of the major areas where Open Repository excels.
The platform is set up, operated, and maintained by Atmire, so no technical staff from your end is required. When you have a technical or functional question regarding the platform, Atmire's dedicated Open Repository team will support you. This means as an Open Repository owner, you only have to worry about what matters: your content. Everything else is taken care of by Atmire.
Atmire acquired Open Repository from Open Access publisher BioMed Central in 2016. Atmire is the leading DSpace repository services company, headquartered in Belgium-EU, and the USA. Currently Atmire is serving over 200 institutions in 43 countries with repository services.