Hosting: sustainable, long-term & scalable 

A cloud environment as small or as big as you need, easily scalable and automatically backed up

“Open Repository has been a trusted resource used by the VHL staff for several years. When looking to enhance our system, Open Repository provided the services that would support the conversion and delivery of our existing data into the format needed to support the enhancements.”
- Sigma Theta Tau International, Virginia Henderson  International Nursing Library

Cloud infrastructure

Open Repository leverages the trusted Amazon AWS infrastructure. You don’t need any infrastructure of your own. It’s all in the cloud.

High Availability

Open Repository grows together with you. Need more or less storage space? Simply scale up or down according to your needs. This way you only pay for the storage you really need.

Your data is safe

The Open Repository backup infrastructure prevents data corruption through human errors and hardware problems. In events where the system needs to be restored from backup, we guarantee that a consistent system state can be restored that is at maximum 24 hours old.
In case human errors on metadata or files only surface later, you can count on the fact that we keep backups for minimally 6 months.
Open Repository servers are maintained in a conservative and responsible manner. All servers have mandatory inbound firewalls configured in a default deny mode and our Systems Administrators will manually manage open ports for the inbound traffic.

“We were looking for a hosted solution, and at the time (2005) there was no possibility of doing this within Germany. When Open Repository offered us a hosted solution, it seemed to be the perfect solution  for us".
Roland Weller, Librarian & Main Repository Administrator 

- Helmholtz Centre of Infection Research, Germany