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Open Repository’s software enables librarians, digital curators, researchers, author & readers  to get the most out of a managed repository. We build on open source technologies such as DSpace, Elastic Search, AngularJS and the latest JavaScript libraries to enhance core workflows and features. Many add-on features are decoupled into a micro-services approach, for performance, scaling & stability.

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News Update: As of 28th July 2016, Open Repository has been acquired from BioMed Central/Springer-Nature, by Atmire NV, a leading open access repository specialist headquartered in Belgium and the USA.  Read More...

“Open Repository was the most user-friendly service, with very good customization options whilst maintaining a clean & simple interface. The swift set up time and the fact that it is entirely web based meaning that software does not have to be locally installed, meant that Open Repository was the obvious choice for our organization.”
Aoife Lawton, Systems Librarian,  Irish Health Services Executive (HSE) 

Clear Structure & Metadata 

Organize your repository using an intuitive, flexible structure, that adapts with growth
Easily set up or curate communities and collections with full metadata control 
Apply different metadata schemas  to different communities & collections
OAI module enables strong interoperability standards & harvesting via OAI-PMH and OAI-ORE
Describe or map your metadata schemas using industry standard Dublin Core vocabulary 
Bulk metadata editing tool enables easy changes across items, collections and communities

Easy Deposit & Review Workflows 

Open Repository deposit workflow DSpace
Optional pre-population step with PubMed and publisher DOI metadata pre-fills 
Open Repository deposit workflow DSpace
Describe fields with optional mandatory fields and controlled vocabulary 
Open Repository deposit workflow DSpace
ORCID look-up, add, and optional registration as part of deposit-submission workflow
Open Repository deposit workflow DSpace
File upload step: submit any file-type, plus optional publication embargo
Open Repository deposit workflow DSpace
Upload Step: convert uploaded file into other  formats & file preservation checksum
Open Repository deposit workflow DSpace
Optional licence steps: (i) add Creative Commons licence (ii) add local agreement 
Open Repository reviewt workflow DSpace
Reviewer Workflow: view and take task options 
Open Repository reviewt workflow DSpace
Reviewer workflows: approve or reject item, edit metadata, do later, make a hover-note & save for later
Apply different workflows to different collections 
Configurable review workflow steps, for deposit and acceptance
Pre-populate with PubMed, DOI and CrossRef Metadata 
Disambiguate author identities by adding or registering  ORCID 
Apply a Creative Commons licence and/or your own bespoke licence agreement
Add multiple files & file-types to your deposited item. Convert files to multiple formats
Bulk Upload tool: add multiple items and metadata in a single workflow process
Embargo tool: date controlled deposit for pre-publication, open access and mandate compliance

Control Users & Groups

Easy account registration, including built-in ORCID sign-up
Assign specific access & deposit permissions to end-users via the admin module
Assign admin roles to specific communities and collections
Hide non-open collections behind user logins or location-based IP address
Email notifications for deposit, review, workflow and registration milestones 
Authenticate users in your local network via Single Sign-On: LDAP, Shibboleth, SAML 2.0
Open Repository DSpace Bibliographic & Citation tools

Citation & Bibliographic Tools 

Export to RefMan, EndNote, BibTex , RefWorks and other aggregators 
Export search results to Outlook, Excel, CSV and other output formats
Share content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Citeulike and other messaging channels
Integrate citation index via external APIs: Primo and others 
Integrate third-party analytic tools such as PlumX
Share accepted deposit completion for items via Twitter or Google+

Powerful Search & Discovery

Device-responsive views: read & search on PC, Tablet or Smartphone 
View documents, video and images in the browser without downloading item
Powerful granular full-text search with via clustered Elasticsearch engine
Search Facets: Simple or Advanced searching & filtering  
Indexing by Google Scholar (unaffected by item cover sheet PDF generation)
Easy browse and discovery though the repository hierarchy 
Strong SEO: easy discovery of repository items via Search Engines
Unique repository handle identifiers at repository, collection and item level 

Statistics & Visualisation Tools

Statistics-look up at Repository, Community, Collection & Item level
Enhanced Google Analytics statistics API, embedded & via dedicated account
Granular, location based data about unique and returning visits and views
Granular, location-based  data about downloads, shares and citations 
Time-based data about repository size, asset-types & growth
Easily extract and report additional statistics within your institution or organization
Visualise large and complex repository structures using our built-on d3.js toolkit
Visualise repository metadata against internal or external research relationships 

Mandates & Policy Compliance

Open Repository is part of Atmire, the Open Access specialist  
Comply with new & emerging mandates around research data & complex file objects
Tools for UK REF: IRUS Counter, RIOXX, and others
Tools to meet regional research and open access statistics, storage and reporting mandates in your country or state
Open-AIRE/ EU funding compliance plug-ins report WP7 compliant metadata 
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