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Start small and grow, or start with scale to meet rapid growth requirements. Both Open Repository & Open Repository Lite sit within a managed, actively developed platform, hosted inside Springer-Nature's robust data centres, and managed 365 days a year by dedicated global IT Operations staff

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“Open Repository provides a hosted solution that is quick and simple to set up, customizable to our needs and easy to use”
Pat Simons, Bibliographic and Technical Services Manager,
Roehampton University, London, UK

Open Repository:  scalable, flexible, consultative

Benefits of Open Repository include:

All the features & functionality detailed on the SoftwareHosting pages
Scalable: GB to Multi-TB storage, hosted and managed within our platform
SLA-based support; dedicated account manager & product manager 
Deployment, configuration, customisation, branding as part of rapid-setup 
Regular updates, new features, test platform, enhanced decoupled microservices  
Store and serve any file type - video, audio, research data, high-res images
Project Management of simple or complex repository implementations
Training by a dedicated trainer; support materials; portal; assistance in marketing your repository to end-users, key-users, stake-holders 
A range of integrations & additional development by consultation (see below)

Example Additional Services

Distributed Backup: Your repository can be backed up and a copy distributed/stored at a third-party location of your choice/mandate
Single-Sign On -  safety authenticate your repository users using LDAP/Athens/SAML 2.0 /Shibboleth
Additional Preservation Services: where it is mandated, we can assist with repository integration with the CLOCKSS network.
Interoperability with Other Platforms  
 Research Information Systems, VIVOweb, any website CMS & other third party systems
Heavily Customized Design 
 Want a non-standard design? Consult with our internal or contract WDUX colleagues
Development Proposal
Have specific ontology, taxonomy or informatics approach in mind? Get in touch

Consultation & Tendering

In a era of overlapping or conjoined scholarly platforms & services, there is often a requirement  to further integrate, develop or link aspects of different scholarly platforms. Open Repository has undertaken a large range of additional development for clients.

Recent examples include: integration with Symplectic Elements CRIS for both Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, and the Natural History Museum, London;  integration with Converis CRIS for the University of Beds, UK;  CMS integration for Practical Action Repository; SAML 2.0 integration for University of Monterrey, Mexico; multi-lingual translations for the Laureate University Network, USA; PlumX Analytic integration for KAUST.

We are also a paying Registered Service Provider for DuraSpace, a part-commercial entity, part-advocacy body who are based in the United States, and facilitate various facets of activity relating to open-source  repository platforms 

If you have a particular  requirement we can work with you to effectively scope  plan & implement your needs. We respond to requests for tender. We've also worked closely other complimentary platform service providers such as Symplectic, Converis, Papers App, Altmetric, Plum Analytic  and Code Computer Love to deliver repository integration.    

Open Repository Lite:  modular, feature rich

Benefits of Open Repository Lite include:

A low cost repository aimed at low and middle income countries & smaller organizations
A feature-rich repository platform as per the software page
GB storage: add further storage cheaply & incrementally as you grow
Lite SLA-based support workflow; upgraded support
Deployment, configuration & branding as part of our rapid set-up 
Regular updates and test platform
Store and serve any file type 
Support materials, documentation and portal
For developing world repositories: add the BioMed Central Foundation Membership (see below)

Developing World: BMC Foundation Membership 

Open Repository Lite clients in developing countries  can also become a BioMed Central Foundation Member, which also confers a range of additional benefits, including a waiver scheme that enables authors to publish their research open access without incurring the usual APC charges, under many criteria. 

Consortium/Consortia Repositories 

Open Repository welcomes consortium-based approaches to implementing an effective digital repository. Typically these may include purchasing of multiple repositories as branded or separate packages (with option to add additional institutions later), or a single repository with multiple institutions held at ‘Community Level’ within the repository. CUAL in Ireland, Five Colleges of Ohio & six members of Georgia Knowledge Repository are examples of Open Repository clients with a consortium-based approach.

Photo: Launch of the Connacht-Ulster Alliance Repository, with representatives of GMIT, IT Sligo, LYIT

“We have had a very interesting experience working with Open Repository to establish the Oxfam iLibrary, from working out a classification system for our very varied content through developing a remote deposit structure so people across our program offices can upload materials, to integrating with a separate website. We now have a digital library where we can capture our experience and share our knowledge easily and quickly. Our repository, the Oxfam iLibrary, will have an immediate impact on our own ways of working internally and, with our new information website now live, will make our content available to external audiences across the world.”
Robert Cornford, Communications Manager, Oxfam GB 

Who works on the Open Repository platform?  

Open Repository's developer team is part of the wider 70-strong BioMed Central/Springer-Nature IT development-operations team, now based at the MacMillan Campus-Hub in Kings Cross London UK. Working in an agile development environment, teams work on a range of high-value business critical publishing applications & systems using the latest technology approaches, delivering thousands of publications, tens of millions of page views and downloads per year for one of the world’s largest STM publishing groups.  

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