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Start small and grow, or start with scale to meet rapid  growth requirements. Your repository application & data sits within our platform, which is hosted inside Atmire's world class data centres. Best of all, yours is managed 365 days a year by dedicated global IT Operations staff.

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News Update: As of 28th July 2016, Open Repository has been acquired from BioMed Central/Springer-Nature, by Atmire NV, a leading open access repository specialist headquartered in Belgium and the USA.  Read More...

“Open Repository has been a trusted resource used by the VHL staff for several years. When looking to enhance our system, Open Repository provided the services that would support the conversion and delivery of our existing data into the format needed to support the enhancements.” 
Sigma Theta Tau International, Virginia Henderson  International Nursing Library  

Hosting Highlights

Robust Platform 
Multiple load-balanced applications servers, managed Oracle-Database, and Apache Tomcat web-service.
Flexible Storage 
Store small, medium or large amounts of repository content and metadata, anything from 10GB to Multi-Terabyte.
World Class Data Centers 
Repository platforms are hosted inside a secure, safe 24/7 ISO-certified Data Center & Cloud Foundry development infrastructure 
Site-to-Site & Offsite Backups
Regular backup routines to tape and removal to secure third-party location
Maintenance & Upgrade
All systems: applications, servers, databases, web services ... everything
Storage & Backup 
Options for making location distributed copies and back-ups of repository 
Video and Audio
A range of options to economically store, scale, and deliver video and audio collections.
High - Resolution Images
High Res-Image Viewer (Pan, Zoom, Resize, Object Measure Ruler)
Research Data
 Safely store research data associated with your publication, institution or organization. 

Further Security & Maintenance Features

Corporate Code of Conduct
Staff sign company code  of conduct covering appropriate access to data and systems
Safe Single Sign-On
Authenticate your repository users using LDAP, SAML 2.0, Sibboleth
Deep Preservation Services  
Where mandated, assist with integration with CLOCKSS-like
Periodic Security Audits
Company systems regular pen tested for security  vulnerabilities 
 Safely integrate and align your repository. We only used trusted API/Restful APIs 
‘Dark Collection’ & IP Restriction
Hide collections from public use or make accessible
to selected user-groups
Client-Side Security 
Flexible mechanism to group users and assign them required privileges
Server-Side Security 
HTTP Security, Input validation, Output escaping, error handling, buffer controls etc

“We were looking for a hosted solution, and at the time (2005) there was no possibility of doing this within Germany. When Open Repository offered us a hosted solution, it seemed to be the perfect solution  for us".
Roland Weller, Librarian & Main Repository Administrator 
Helmholtz Centre of Infection Research, Germany 

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