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Open Repository Editions

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Open Repository is available in two editions: Standard and Enhanced, offering different levels of service to suit the needs of your organization.

  Standard  Enhanced 
Complete set-up within three months
Standards-based open source technology platform: DSpace
Content organized in a hierarchical manner
Sophisticated search functionalities and browse options
Multiple file formats can be submitted
User interface customization
RSS feeds and email alerts for new submissions
Nightly back-up of all data files
Full technical support
One day training for the Administration team included
Training support materials for users and administrators
Enhanced statistics
External article linking
Pre-fill submission process
Social bookmarking tags
Embargo tool
Export functionalities
Batch uploading of existing content to pre-populate your repository
Automatic conversion of proprietary file formats to PDF and other formats
Institutional authentication integration
Datafeeds of newly published research articles from your Institution
Automated Article-Deposit via SWORD to automatically populate your repository with articles published within BioMed Central journals
Enhanced Researcher Pages

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