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What is Open Repository?

Open Repository is a repository hosting service provided by BioMed Central. The Open Repository team will build and host your repository allowing you to get on with the important business of populating and running the repository.

What is DSpace?

DSpace is the open source software platform that Open Repository uses to manage your datasets in a professionally maintained repository.

Why should research be submitted to a repository?

To archive, preserve and increase the exposure of work. Archiving in a repository provides longevity to research and maximizes its exposure whilst also increasing the amount of available knowledge and research to those who do not have access to high priced subscription based journals.

Why shouldn't my organization set up its own repository using open source software?

Open Repository is simple and hassle free to set up and offers complete maintenance and support for your repository. All data stored in the repository is secure and backed up on a nightly basis and the repository will be updated seamlessly with new features when they become available both from within the DSpace community and our own development team.

Open Repository allows you the security and the transparency of cost to allow for easy budgeting as well as offering a number of features unique to this service. This includes a pre-fill submission system and automated population of the repository from open access publishers such as BioMed Central or The Public Library Of Science.

How quickly are repositories set up once agreed and what processes are involved?

There will be a number of administration details to confirm and personalisation options to complete; once we have these we will start to build the repository. We aim to set up all repositories within three months of the contract being signed.

Is it possible to upgrade to a higher edition at anytime during an existing contract? E.g. standard to enhanced?

Yes, please contact your Open Repository Sales Representative who will help you with this request.

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